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ToolButton Inc. Acquires FeedSweep.com and Howdev.com

Summary: ToolButton Inc. has acquired FeedSweep.com and Howdev.com, websites which provide feed creation services for RSS and ATOM feeds.

EDMONTON, Aug 25, 2006 -ToolButton Inc. today announced that it has acquired FeedSweep.com and Howdev.com, websites which provide feed creation services for RSS and ATOM feeds. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

FeedSweep.com provides webmasters and website owners with the ability to integrate feeds easily within their website. Feeds can be created from the suggested feed sources or from any other feed source on the Internet.

The acquisition also includes "Syndication Studio" - a desktop application for generating feeds like those used in podcasting or similar applications . A generated feed can contain links to audio and video files published over the Internet.

FeedSweep.com and Syndication Studio both solve the problem that many website owners and web masters have of providing fresh informational content on their website. Feeds are a great communication medium which can add significant Internet traffic to a website. Feeds usually contain compelling themed content with titles that draw the reader to the publisher's website. The simple operation of FeedSweep.com means the generated feeds can be properly optimized and promoted.

"The acquisition of FeedSweep.com and HowDev.com extends our long history of providing Internet users with feed tools and products," said Dale Janssen, president of ToolButton Inc. "We are conviced that feeds will soon become one of the most popular way to obtain frequently changing information over the Internet. The technology is already there and now, we are offering tools for using the technology in a user-friendly way."

In addition to its listing services, ToolButton Inc. offers a wide range of RSS products, tools and resources including .NET developer libraries at Web20Tools.net.

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