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Can you Recommend an RSS Reader?

Summary: We find many visitors to our site are looking for a way to read their own personal list of feeds. FeedSweep is a tool for webmasters and blog editors to place feeds on servers - not personal desktop computers. Here is a list of recommended RSS readers or aggregators.

Choose an RSS Reader

You can choose between free and commercial software. They can either be web-based readers or desktop readers. Try out some of our suggestions, however there are a wide range of RSS readers (sometimes called aggregators) available and new versions are appearing all the time.

Web-based Readers

Web-based readers require no software installation and make your feeds available on any computer with Internet access and a Web browser. They allow you to enter the URL of the newsfeed you want to subscribe to and then the feeds are refreshed automatically at a time interval of your choice.

Here’s a selection of some favorite web-based readers:

Google Reader

Google Reader



My Yahoo!

My Yahoo!







Desktop Readers

Desktop readers can be standalone programs or extensions to existing programs such as email clients or web browsers. You must download and install before you can use them.

FeedReader is a lightweight open-source RSS reader for Windows that supports RSS and ATOM formats.

Mac NewsLife is a versatile RSS reader for Mac OS X that lets you view news headlines and articles. You can easily add any website or weblog to NewsMac that offers an RSS feed.

Linux Straw is a desktop RSS reader for the GNOME environment.

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