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Attention Webmasters!

Do you have any of these icons on your website? Perhaps, you have an area labeled "RSS" or "feeds" that provides a way for your readers to subscribe to your feeds with one quick, easy click.

Add One More Icon...

Here is one more, very important icon you should to add to your website:

Add Feed Button

This icon represents a way for other webmasters to put your feed on their website.

More Feed Subscriptions

You know your feed is an important pipeline to your visitors. You know that or you would not have put the time and effort into creating a feed subscription page already.

Adding the FeedSweep service to your feed subscription page allows other websites and bloggers to place your feed on their pages. Why is this a good idea? Because, unlike each of the icons above, you will now add readers to your feed by the hundreds or thousands rather than individually.

Watch How Easy It Is

See how other webmasters can help you add hundreds or thousands of readers by placing your feed on their sites. Just enter your website URL, and remember - Best of all, it's all free!

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