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Important FeedSweep Notice

If you are the WebMaster of a site that hosts a FeedSweep on your web or blog page, this is an important message for you!

You have been directed to this message, because the FeedSweep widget on your web or blog page does NOT have a Developer's API Key or Category in the widget URL.

Why do I need a Developer's API Key?

In our on-going development of FeedSweep, we have implemented a system where each FeedSweep widget can be uniquely identified. In this way, we can provide you more services like traffic and performance reports, greater customization and a new Directory of FeedSweeps. In addition, we will be able to communicate with you directly and let you know about all our cool new features.

Do I need a really need a Developer's API Key?

The short answer is, "Yup!". You must have an API Key included in the FeedSweep widget parameters. FeedSweep widgets without an API Key run under a severly reduced-rate mode until corrected.

OK, so what do I have do?

Simply recreate your FeedSweep widget and replace the old Widget code with the new code in the web page or blog page that is hosting your FeedSweep.

You can do so, following these simple steps:

  1. Create an account on FeedSweep.com.
  2. Using your HTML editor, open up the page hosting your FeedSweep widget and view in source mode.
  3. Copy the old FeedSweep widget code.
  4. Paste this code into the FeedSweep.com Advanced Designer where it asks for Load Previous Settings and click Load Previous Settings.
  5. Click Get Code to recreate your FeedSweep widget.
  6. Using your HTML editor, paste this new widget code over top the old code and save.

That's all there is to it!

How do I know if the change worked?

View the page hosting your FeedSweep widget. If you still see the Important Notice message at the bottom of your widget, then there was a problem. Refresh your browser and look again. Or wait 15 minutes and refresh your browser again. It could be that your old FeedSweep widget was cached. If the problem persists, contact us.

With the new Widget code, you should not see the Important Notice message anymore. In its place will be the usual FeedSweep Sponsor message.

The FeedSweep Development Team