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It looks great... so what's next?

1. Try it out

If this Widget looks great to you, copy and paste the embed code What is embed code?

Embedding code is just a fancy name for copying and pasting.

Place your mouse cursor within the box below. Note all the code will become highlighted (turns a blue color) at once. Copy this code and paste it into your web page source HTML or blog template where you want your widget to appear. That's all there is to it!
into your web page or blog template and your page will always be updated with fresh content:

Please don't modify the provided widget code. Thanks :)

2. Change, save, or create new Widgets

You must register for an Account to use your Widget. But when you do, you can change, save or create Widgets as much as you would like. Go for it!

3. Upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account to an ad-free Paid Plan or leave it in the Free Plan.

4. Learn more or get help

FeedSweep widgets are very powerful. See some great examples, or learn more from our technical articles or just ask a question on our forums.