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1. Choose Feeds:

a. Pre-selected Feeds, or

Hint: to select up to 5 feeds,
hold down a key as you click:
• Windows users hold Ctrl key
• Mac users hold Apple key

b. Custom Feeds

Paste the feed URL into
the Custom Feed URL box.

Hint: to select multiple custom
feeds, use the
Advanced Designer.
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Or, enter a Custom Feed URL and press ENTER:

2. General Options

*Max Item Number applies to
the collection of feeds after
the union operation amongst
them is completed and sorted.
  The title appearing on the top of the FeedSweep widget.
  Default value: First valid title found in feeds
Max no. of Articles*:
  The maximum number of articles ("items" or "entries") that will display.
  Default value: 5, Maximum: 50
Width: px
  The width (in pixels) of the FeedSweep.
  Default value: 225
Include Title: Yes   No
  Determines whether the FeedSweep will include the title on top.
Include Headlines: Yes   No
  Determines whether item headlines will be included.
Include Articles: Yes   No
  Determines whether individual articles ("items" or "entries") will be included.
Include Dates: Yes   No
  Determines whether item dates will be included.
Open New Windows: Yes   No
  Should client browsers open new windows when your visitors click on articles in this FeedSweep?
Title Link:
  When displaying a single feed, the title of the FeedSweep may link to the homepage or original source of the feed.
  How best to categorize the target audience of this FeedSweep?
  In what language is the web site or blog hosting this FeedSweep?
3. Customize Appearance

For complete control over
Appearance, please use the
Advanced Designer.
Sample FeedSweep
Tue, Apr 10 2007 - 1:00 AM
A Sample News Item
This is just filler text so that you see how article will appear inside your FeedSweep. We can't really believe you've kept reading this far. When an article gets too long, we cut it off with an elipses. Your visitors can read more by clicking on the article...
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