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Number of Views

The maximum views of your FeedSweep widgets per day. Choose the plan that matches the sum of the daily traffic of the pages hosting your widget(s). 1K = 1,000 views.

1500K 100K 10K 1K unlimited 

Feed source updates

How often the source feeds of your widget content will be read.

4 x hourly 4 x hourly hourly 6 x daily 2 x hourly

RSS Source Feeds

The number of source feeds your widgets may merge together for the widget content.

50 10 5 5 5


All support requests will be responded to in less than one business day and usually within a few hours at most.

Phone Email Forum Phone Email Forum Email Forum Forum Forum

Number of Widgets

Design and create an unlimited number of widgets.

yes yes yes yes yes

Content Filtering

Filters your content for the presence of keywords you select (like a Google search query). Learn how.

yes yes yes yes yes

No Ads

Will you see any advertisements or "sponsored by" messages when displaying your widgets?

yes yes yes yes no

Saved Widgets

Save an unlimited number of widgets in your personal user account.

yes yes yes yes no

Encrypt Widget Embedding Code

Premium subscribers may choose to encrypt the embedding code of their widgets for privacy.

yes yes yes no no

Hide 'Get Widget' Button

Hide the 'Get Widget' button appearing on the bottom of the widgets you develop and install.

yes yes no no no

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