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How To Obtain a Developer's API Key

Summary: Many of the forthcoming features of a FeedSweep widget are only available if you have a Developer's API Key. This is free and it is certainly worth your while taking the time out to obtain one.

A Developer's API Key is automatically created once you create an Account on FeedSweep.com. So, the short answer to how to obtain an API key is to simply create an account.

Your Key will be listed in the "Welcome" email that is sent out once your account is created. As well, if you choose Edit Profile, it is listed on the Account Summary page. However, you should never need to manually manipulate your Key as it is automatically associated with any FeedSweep widget you create if you are signed-in to the FeedSweep.com website.

If you have an existing FeedSweep widget that does not have your Key associated, then you need to add it or your FeedSweep widget is restricted to a limited rate. Widgets without a Key are for development purposes only and should not be used in a production environment. A limited rate means your FeedSweep widget will only be shown for a limited number of times per day.

To add a new Key to an existing FeedSweep widget, do one of the following:

  • Manually add the key following the instructions in the "How to Manually Add your API Key" article
  • Using the Advanced Editor, paste your existing FeedSweep widget code into the Load Previous Settings? box and re-create the Widget by clicking the Get Code button.

 You can verify your Key is associated with your account and being attached properly by looking at the FeedSweep widget query string. It should appear like:

<!-- FeedSweep -->
<script type="text/javascript"
<!-- FeedSweep -->


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