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Do I need a FeedSweep Account?

To get a custom FeedSweep widget for your own web or blog pages, you must create an account on FeedSweep.com and agree to our Terms of Use.

Can I get an ad-free Widget?

Yes, you can purchase one of the subscription Plans and display your widgets completely ad-free and without "Sponsored-by" messages.

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What does an Account have to do with a subscription Plan?

  • An Account is required; Your Account can be in any one of the Plans
  • You can purchase a Paid Plan; otherwise your account is automatically enrolled in a Free Plan
  • An account can be changed from a Free to a Paid Plan at any time, or you can let a Paid Plan run out and it will automatically become a Free Plan
  • You can create an account (below) and then Paid Plan or do both at once in our FeedSweep Store

Why do I need an Account when all I want is a Widget?

When you create an account, you are assigned an API key used to to identify your widget from the millions FeedSweep serves every day. The API key is required in your widget embedding code.

How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

To have a new password sent to you via our automated system, please click Forgot User Name or Password? below. If you have requested your password and you still have not received your password after 1 hour, please use contact us and request password help.

Are User Accounts and passwords case-sensitive?

User Account names are not case-sensitive, but passwords are case-sensitive. Normally, your User Account name is your email address.

Can I sign-in with my email address?


I'm a new member. How do I create a FeedSweep widget?

Click on the Learn menu tab and start working with either the Basic or Advanced Designer.

Can I set up two or more User Accounts under the same email address?

No. Our system requires each user to have a unique email address and password in order to search our database for individually tailored information. For this reason, you may not register more than one FeedSweep account under the same email address.

I see the error message, "Your address has already been taken", but this is my email address. Why is this happening?

You may have started a FeedSweep account on a previous visit, which means your email address and password are already on file. To retrieve your password, click Forgot User Name or Password? below. You should then be able to sign in with the new credentials emailed to you.

I have been waiting for my email confirmation message to arrive but it has not shown up. What's next?

First off, make sure your email is not being blocked by your security protections. Please check your SPAM filter in your email reader and/or your rejected/quarantined email message folders. Look for an email with the subject line: "FeedSweep Email Confirmation". Whitelist (or authorize) the sender email address of "noreply@feedsweep.com" so that you may receive other important notifications from us in the future.

Then resend the confirmation email here.

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