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FeedSweep and Search Engines

Summary: Many have asked, "Will search engines crawl FeedSweep content?"

Will Search Engines Crawl FeedSweep Content?

FeedSweep uses JavaScript as part of its "delivery process". A FeedSweep widget itself is plain-jane HTML - but to get it into your page, we use JavaScript to pull it down. This is what makes a FeedSweep up-to-date (or in other words, it is dynamic) and provides the freshest content possible.

It is a common misconception that search engine crawlers will not execute JavaScript - inferring the crawlers will not see the "words" of the RSS feed.

This is not the case. See:

Some search engines will crawl JavaScript.

However, there is an inherit security problem for a search engine bot executing JavaScript. So it appears that most search engine crawlers use the reputation of the web site itself to determine if they should follow JavaScript-type links.

The bottom line is:

"If you are counting on feeds to deliver valuable SEO content, then you might be either very disappointed or completely happy". No matter what form you use to embed feeds on your page, it highly unlikely they will change your Page Rank one way or the other. It would be much more desirable to use a static method of delivering such valuable content.

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