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Are Republished Feeds Breaking Copyright Laws?

Summary: We had a debate the other day over "republished feeds". The question was did it break copyright laws? Is it plagiarism?

We had a debate the other day over "republished feeds". The question was did it break copyright laws? Is it plagiarism?

Content has long been the driving force behind web sites and search engines. It has always been clear that using content without referencing the source is plagiarism. It is academically dishonest. And it is also well understood that redistributing content as if it is your own, is contrary to most all copyright laws.

But what about feeds? Displaying feed content from third-party sources is republished content and it * * IS * * intended by the originating publisher to be read off their web site. For publishers there are many benefits to having their content republished as a feed. This includes extra exposure, links back to the original content and helping to build their reputation.

Web sites and republishers of the same feeds, enjoy the benefits of republished content because it fills their sites with content to make search engines notice them and provides their visitors with a reason to come back.

Seems like a win-win situation.

Our conclusion: republishing content means the content is provided in a different medium. Because the source of the content is known, unchanged and, in the majority of cases, links back to the originating publisher, one can argue copyright laws have not been broken. The originating publisher is still enjoying all the benefits of his content.

FeedSweep is a republisher of feeds. It is used by webmasters and bloggers alike.

Using a FeedSweep Widget makes displaying republished content easy. It integrates itself into your site or blog by being completely customizable. There are no costs to add a FeedSweep to your website but beware; with FeedSweep it is easy to get carried away with republished content and forget to add your own unique content.

Have you noticed the FeedSweep on TechNewsletters?

Deb Alloway

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