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Confirm Your Email Address

If you have not received or requested an Email Confirmation message be sent to your email address, go here now and do so.

You can confirm your email address by clicking on the URL that was provided in the confirmation email sent you, or by entering below the confirmation code that was included in that email.

Confirmation Code:

If you have not received the Email Confirmation message after 30 minutes, go here to have another email message sent to you. Before you try again, please check your SPAM filter in your email reader and/or your rejected/quarantined email message folders.  Look for an email with the subject line: "FeedSweep Email Confirmation".

Please whitelist (or authorize) the sender email address of "noreply@feedsweep.com", so that you may receive other important notificiations from us in the future.

FeedSweep Support Team.